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mini Sproutz mission:

"We know there are many changes and lots of growth that happens in a child during the first few years of life. So why is nobody evaluating a child’s mouth from birth to the time they hit three?"

Answer: As dental professionals, we haven’t been given the education or tools to confidently assess and treat these infants and toddlers.

Until now… This is why mini Sproutz has been created.

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What mini Sproutz Offers


Learn actionable tools for assessing infant and toddler oral growth.

Skill Mastery

Gain the skills to stay focused and help motivate families to achieve optimal oral & overall wellness.

Confident Care

Develop confidence to answer and support parents through healthy oral habits.

Once you join

A peek inside what you will get...

  • Over 40 hours of self-guided online educational videos to provide you with all the information you need to confidently assess and understand oral growth and development from infant to age 3.

  • A proven strategy of appointments so that you can start implementing the mini Sproutz program right away.

  • Supportive documents for you and the client so that you always know what to look for and what to say at each of the appointments.

  • Ongoing support from the growing mini Sproutz Community, with a listing on the Find Providers webpage once you complete the program.

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You’re just a few steps away from a happier and more fulfilled dental career. 

Our comprehensive program has everything you need to start making a huge impact on the lives of families in your community starting from birth.

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We are the founders of mini Sproutz

Hello and welcome fellow dental friends!

  • Maybe you have a baby or toddler of your own. Or a grand baby. Or a little niece or nephew.
  • Maybe really young patients sometimes show up on your hygiene schedule. Or your parent patients ask questions about their little ones.
  • Maybe your practice is starting to get more emails from mothers concerned about their babies and toddlers oral health.
You’ve likely heard conflicting information about the dental role in helping babies and toddlers. Perhaps you’re considering changing careers because you think you have to in order to help this population.
Awareness about early intervention is spreading. More and more parents are taking their infants to the dentist earlier and earlier. You want to help, but how?
What can a dental professional even do for babies? What IS our role?
If you’re ready to learn how you can have a lasting impact on the oral and overall health of your tiniest patients, we invite you to join us in the mini Sproutz program where we will teach you step-by-step what to do to help.
Dr. Erica and Joy
Co-founders of Mini Sproutz

Dr. Erica Zolnierczyk, DMD

Joy Lantz, RDH, COM, IBCLC

"If you have any thoughts about working with this age group, this is a treasure of information."

- M.F.

"This course is one in a million! For anyone who is wanting to work with the younger population..... you need this! There is SO much information that is invaluable. So helpful and eye opening!"

- A.S.

"This is an AMAZING course and a WEALTH of information."

- L.M.
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